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Where to find the best handcrafted design in CDMX?


Design has become part of the essence of Mexico City, from house decoration to accessories, artisans working with top designers is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

We have tailored the most selected list of boutiques and showrooms where you can find the most exquisite pieces of Mexican handcrafted design.


Taller Lu´um


TALLER LU’UM s a 100% Mexican creative project that was born in 2013 to give an outlet and be able to commercialize in a fair way the work that is done in LU’UM A.C. since 2008. It focuses mainly on generating a network of change, strength and union; between contemporary designers and artisans, through productive activities together. Likewise, it is a collaboration-communication bridge between communities, traditions, cultural identities and designers; whose axis of action is a web of ideas that make it unique. With the objective of giving continuity to the appreciation of the Mexican artisan object, through a contemporary design; always attached to the parameters of sustainable development.


Onora Casa

They are a brand of artisan design that has more than 15 years of collaboration with talented artisans in the creation of textiles and home accessories. They are constantly looking for the balance between tradition and new trends. Their collections reinterpret traditional designs giving them an aesthetic and contemporary use that reflect a refined, casual and cosmopolitan lifestyle.They honor time,  love the beauty of handmade products, as well as the history behind each of them.
Maggie Galton and María Eladia Hagerman are two women who coincide in their passion for the design and richness of the cultural identity of the indigenous Mexican communities. They share the desire to give a renewed perspective to craft traditions to integrate them into a global world. Maggie is an art historian with a solid career with more than 15 years of experience in formal institutions, public and private foundations, as well as NGOs. This has helped him to create a collaborative network with artisans in different parts of the country. María Eladia is a Mexican designer with graphic and editorial experience who lives in Los Angeles and who brings her sensibility and cosmopolitan vision to do a curatorship with identity and unique substance. At Onora, they seek to collaborate with architects and interior design specialists to develop customized concepts that take on spaces with unique personality. Their service ranges from the production of exclusive pieces, by request, to curatorship to build an environment that integrates the essence of the brand: collaboration, tradition and relaxed luxury.


Made in Mexico con Amor


Made in Mexico con Amor

Alejandra Díaz brings together different designers on her platform, which features Mexican products ranging from home decoration, to fashion and accessories.

Do you consider yourself a fan of interior design? If your answer is yes, this place is for you. Do you like to support local talent of the country you are visiting? Then, this place is also for you. Here you can find very cool and good quality proposals since the store’s collection is based on exhaustive research with detailed information on the different cultures and regions of Mexico. This is how they find and work hand in hand with the best craftsmen and designers from all over the country. 

When working with artisans, the process is very empathetic, since in MIMA they are given the task of visiting the communities to be with them closely and thus develop a formality with their work. This part of the process is very important since it allows the platform to have a connection with the artisans and they can listen to them and know the different concerns they have as well as their customs and traditions.

One of the objectives of MIMA is to seek to support them so that they can market their work in a guided manner. When they refer to guided, MIMA intervenes in the process in a limited way since they are their ideas, so they only know in a better way the handling of their materials to advise them, as well as the range of colors as they know which are sold better in the national and international market. It is important to mention that the meanings, forms and techniques they use in their creations are always respected, since cultural content and meaning is for them something very important for transcendence. 

Today these communities have been affected by the invasion of cheap products, haggling and poor quality, even many of the products have foreign origin and although this is already a well-known issue, it is essential to support the talent that exists in our country and learn to value it. So, what is Made in Mexico with Love? “It is a platform that seeks to support and promote both Mexican designers and artisans who represent the best of Mexican talent. Recognize and value them at the same level, knowing their stories better “


Colorindio weaves stories of ancestral culture through textiles. It is a position on life, based on rescuing the tradition of weaving as rooted in the cultural diversity of Mexico. It reclaims the millenarian techniques to elaborate thread by thread, daily pieces. Colorindio produces, in waist and pedal looms. Authorship is the responsibility of the artisans, while Colorindio is responsible for design, color curation and quality control.

An adventure that began in 2009 as a journey through the textile Mexico of two women: Libya and Paulina, led them to discover the colors, shapes and histories of the textiles of the Chiapas Highlands and later of the Zapotec villages in Oaxaca, where they currently collaborate with more than 150 women grouped in cooperatives, in the design and development of tablecloths, bedspreads, cushions, rugs, hammocks, tropical wood chairs, bags woven in henequen, table runners and much more.

Paulina has worked with artisans for more than 23 years, from her beginnings as a biology student at the UNAM to the creation of Artefacto, a store that was in charge of finding and enhancing artisan work with a more modern touch. Hence, Paulina is the one who has taught Libya everything she knows about field work and the processes that make our products. Libya worked for white-making factories for several years, where concern arose for more manual work and natural materials, with more human contact. We started working with Chiapas, since it is an infinite territory of textile exploration, they are teachers. They keep their traditions and wear them with great pride. That gives a special meaning to each piece, as it tells stories of its community.


Tributo Mx


About Tributo About Tributo

“Tributo is an offering to the dynamic processes of exchange between creative human activities. Emphasizing the dialogue process arising from the displacements, we generate traces that result into objects.”
Founded by Laura and Gabriela Noriega in Jalisco, Mexico in 2013, tributo is a multidisciplinary design company merging the work of contemporary designers and traditional producers through the appreciation of cultural heritage and local artisanship.
In tributo, they aim to promote design as a strategic tool to promote social, economic and cultural development by working with artisan communities in Mexico.



by Carolina Díaz Valencia


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