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10 unbeatable experiences to enjoy at CDMX

If you are tired of travelling to the same places everyone goes and doing the same things everyone does in Mexico City, keep on reading.

Paula de Diego, spanish, globetrotter, lively and manager at El Patio 77 , has shared with us her selected list of 10 of her favorite places and activities. She has lived in Australia and Norway, and has been living in Mexico City for 5 years now. She loves to eat well and enjoy precious moments with friends and family.

  1. First thing in the morning- Go for a run at Bosque de Chapultepec, there are a few things so refreshing and energetic to start your day with a lot of vitality and strenght.

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Pic: @Hotbook


2. Have lunch at San Angel Inn , ask for a margarita and enjoy traditional mexican music.

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Pic from @TripAdvisor


3.  Eat “tortas ahogadas” at El Parnita, although it may be too spicy,  they are tremendously delicious.


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4. Have a cocktail at Balmori, a rooftop at La Roma (great cocktails, food & Dj).


Pic from : Mas por mas


5.  As a good foreigner, she loves the trajineras! Fun, music, good tequila!


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Pic from: Volaris


6. Try out “Pulpo zarandeado” at La Única located in Polanco.


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7. If you feel like dancing, Xaman, will be the best choice.


Pic from: Xaman Bar


8. On Wednesdays, she loves to assist to AfterworkMx (Laurent Kauffmann ,creator and director of this project selects different places in Roma, Condesa and Polanco based in the european concept of networking, he is a dear friend of Paula and you can meet from executies to designers, definitely a great idea to know several sites!


Pic from :AfterworkMx 


9. A great place to have breakfast or lunch during the weekends is El Mayor, the view from El Templo Mayor, a heavenly pyramid is gorgeous.


Pic from: Restaurante El Mayor


10. Whenever she has  to buy a souvenir to take to family or friends, She loves going to “La Ciudadela” It’s like a little town inside the city that has a lot of Mexican crafts , textiles and artisan objects, everything you can find!



Pic from: @mexicodf


Thank you Paula for sharing this incredible experiences!


Cover page pic from @bobbyesqvlz


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